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This pic of Jimbo inspires me. No, really.

Despite my bearish overtones regarding the demise of the U.S. economy, the stock market, and an imminent Armageddon rising, I’m looking to go long on Wednesday morning for a short term trading foray. Yes, I am a capitalist, laughing at fear in it’s face while trying to coax more coin from my trading account.

Yeah, that’s right. You trade what is. We’ve established a near term bottom in the market, thanks to BooYah Ben’s bold and bodacious 75 bip move that sealed the deal today. I’m certain of it.

The depression has temporarily been put on hold. Sorry to make many of you worry unnecessarily. Just know that with every stupid government interventionist move, the severity of “El Depressionario” ratchets up another notch.

So, big picture, we’re still headed for disaster, but you can adeptly make money on the long side while the sun is briefly shining. Odd, no?

Thanks to the moon and it’s lunacy, we’re going to rally well into the New Year, with financials leading the way. Didn’t I say that before?

Tomorrow, assuming the market is up after all the gunslinging traders jockey for position, I’m looking to go long names like: XOM, PBR, CVX, BP, TOT, CVX and SLB, …maybe even some FXP to add some moxie to the mix.

Of course, such a reversal in short term sentiment wouldn’t be complete without helpings of BAC, MSFT, JNJ, and PG. My wife thinks I should buy LULU. What do you think?

This move to the long side of stocks is not to be confused with going all in, loading the boat and shoveling all cash into the blast furnace. Take advantage of the rally. But, trade with an ear to the ground and nose to the wind.

Have a great day and enjoy the scenery of your choosing.

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