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Back to the Future

So here we are again. We all know the future looks bleak for the United Socialist States of Americanos, so we may want to prudently maintain an apocalyptic outlook and buy some guns and ammo.

I will wait to see what the first hour or two of the morning brings on Tuesday before looking to get long QID, SDS, REW, TWM, and maybe even DTO. If the VIX is rising, late morning, that may be my cue to put on some short positions via those iETFs.

Should, for some miraculous reason, the VIX start falling and the market hint at defying all reasonable logic, I may actually buy something resembling a long position—-maybe, just maybe.

Truth be known, after winning some last week, I find myself giving it all back again and then some.

This market vexes me to no end right now. I don’t know whether to throw up a leftover turkey dinner or choke somebody. I feel like I could easily do both, but shall refrain from such ridiculous actions.

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