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Smashmouth Investing

If you’re trading this market on leverage, like Joey-Bag-of-Margin Calls, then doom on you. You need your head examined along with the rest of the volatility-loving hedge fund reprobates.

However, if you can see past Friday, and have some balls, then start buying here and there. Just don’t go all in like a degenerate. Measure your moves and fire a battery of counter punches at the market. That means buying on pullbacks. In times like these, the money is made by those who invest and trade like they got a pair.

Today, we traded based on earnings reports. That is a more normal occurrance, and is actually an encouraging sign. No shocker that earnings are mixed, or missing the mark. The market has already priced in the earnings disappointments, along with Armageddon. Keep in mind that October is the time to buy, according to the seasonality camp.

Prepare for a “Battle Royale” the rest of this week between bulls and bears. But I have a hunch that we end up positive for the week, putting together two weeks back to back.

Smashmouth investing is never pretty.

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