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What is iBankCoin all about?

Founded in 2007, iBankCoin.com publishes financial content with a distinctive voice. Through the unique personalities of its writers, the site offers a fresh perspective on financial news, and bold opinions on investment opportunities.

Who visits iBankCoin?

iBankCoin has established itself as one of the most trafficked sites in the “stock blogging” space, typically garnering in excess of 35,000 unique visitors per month (across roughly 1 million monthly page views). Of the active intvestors that visit our site, the vast majority are either between the ages of 18 and 34 or over the age of 50. While our high concentration of visitors in the 50+ demographic is typical of financial media sites, we feel that our relatively high popularity with young people (represented by the 18-34 demographic) is what makes iBankCoin unique.

The iBankCoin Demographic

Geolocational Overview

Rank Country/territory % of traffic
1 United States 78%
2 Canada 14%
3 United Kingdom (less than 1%)
4 Australia (less than 1%)
5 (Other) 6.3%
Rank City (USA) % of traffic
1 New York 6.1%
2 Chicago 2.3%
3 San Francisco 2.1%
4 Los Angeles 1.1%
5 (Other) 88.4%

Where on the site can my ads be placed?

As of this writing (2009-11-10), all of the ads currently in publication are syndicated via a 3rd party advertising agency. As such, we can readily “swap out” said ads in lieu of your message.

We’re open to both CPM and affiliate-based models, and will entertain additional marketing strategies (e.g., in-text links, pop-ups, etc.).

How can I get started?

Please contact Jeremy, iBankCoin’s COO:

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